It's Here!
Tony Buck & Cadillac Angels are excited to announce the release of the new album
Rockin' the Heartland!

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American Music at its Best!

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  • If we look at music that is on the cutting edge, then this band is the knife that makes the cut.

    ~ Louise C

  • I have been a fan for over a decade and have been to a few dozen shows. I highly recommend catching a Cadillac Angels show when possible.

    ~ Kevin F

  • Amazing band with original content!!!

    ~ Sierra A

  • Tony did not choose this path... it chose him - and we are the better for it!

    ~ Georgianna A

  • I have been enjoying listening to and dancing to the Cadillac Angels' music for many years! They play great tunes and have original content as well! They are fun and engaging with the audience.

    ~ Anna R

  • Amazing band, I have loved watching them for years.

    ~ Karl M

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The Cadillac Angels are American music, simple as that! Taking what they loved from Rock n Roll, Country, Urban/Delta Blues, forging it, over a million miles of touring, to produce a personal, hybrid sound, rooted in hard drivin' electric guitar.  Songs of love and life seen through eyes of a lonesome traveler.  The Angels serve it up, hot and honest...that's American Music!

​Tony and Cadillac Angels have performed in over 30 States and in 7 countries around the world.  They are also Austin SxSW music conference award winners.​​​