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Cadillac Motel Deluxe Accommodations - 2013

American Roots, i.e. blues, rock 'n roll, rockabilly, country!

Fool Me Twice - 2007

American Roots Rock/Surf/Rockabilly

Lonesome Traveler - 2011

Ten incredible original songs by the Cadillac Angels that are a slice of roots rock heaven. If this cd doesn't get your toe tappin' then there's something wrong with you! The performances are top notch and as"real as it gets".

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Kicks Like A Mule - 2011

2011 celebrates the release of "Kicks Like A Mule" by the Cadillac Angels. Their 17th cd seamlessly melds West coast, Chicago, Texas and New Orleans styles into a smokey, greasy, rediculously swingin' affair whose songs are hard to resist.  

Illinois Boy - 2003

American Roots Rock/Surf/Rockabilly

Spanish Train - 2004

A mix of americana and rock n roll

16 Tons of Twang - 2006

American Roots Rock/Surf/Rockabilly

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Cadillac Angels Albums

The Cadillac Angels live to make music, recording and producing on average one CD per year of original material. Their songs have been featured in major full length films and commercials.  Tony and Cadillac Angels have performed in over 30 States and in 7 countries around the world.  They are also Austin SxSW music conference award winners.​​